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Forum Moderator for CPUK
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On 11th June 2015, I was made a Forum Moderator on the CPUK forum, run by Andy Collins. I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the forum and hopefully come up with fresh and new ideas regarding how the forum operates etc.



Pythium fungus outbreak
Category: Plant News

In June 2015 I noticed some wilting on the new pitchers of Sarracenia. It soon became apparent it was steadily spreading through the plants. After some advice from a commercial grower, it seems I have an outbreak of Pythium Fungus. It's a nasty pathogen that develops in the roots of the plant and can quickly spread through water to other plants. All my Sarracenia are in one large water bench, and so the virus was able to spread fairly quickly throughout the collection. The end result so far is over  plants have been destroyed, with a further 50 or more infected.

I have been told that the only way to control it is to clean all the soil of the roots, disinfect everything including the pot, label, the greenhouse itself, and all of the benching. We have done that and now the process of re-potting almost 260 Sarracenia has begun. I am using the usual mix of 50/50 peat and perlite, and also adding a top dressing of about an inch deep layer of Melcourt Hortibark Pine, which has something in it which helps to surpress the Pythium Fungus. I have also ordered some Pythoff, which is a product developed in Australia, mainly used in hydroponics. This again helps to prevent Pythium developing. Only time will tell wether or not these mesures will be  a success. If not, unfortunately the entire collection of Sarracenias will have to be destroyed, and I start from scratch all over again. Fingers crossed is all I can say.

Updates to this will be posted as and when results are seen either way.

2015 Cut Back Begins
Category: Plant News

Today I started cutting back all the Sarracenias and tidying up the VFT's. A slow process so only got a fraction of the collection done. Will continue tomorrow. Whilst doing this though, I decided it would be a good idea to remove the plants from the benching and clean up the capillary matting. Several Sarracenias had roots coming out the bottom of the pots which had then penetrated throught the matting. Half of one bench done. So much more to do.

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