About Me

Welcome to my website. Adys Carnivorous Plants is a private collection, consisting mainly of Darlingtonia, Dionaea and Sarracenia. I also grow other carnivores including Cephalotus, Drosera, Genlisea, Heliamphora, Pinguicula and Utricularia. I first started growing carnivorous plants in 2005, the first plant being a Venus Fly Trap . Since then the collection has steadily grown and now has over 370 plants. They are housed in a brand new Elite Supreme 12.5ft x 10.5ft greenhouse, using commercial benching, with another Elite 8ft x 6ft greenhouse on standby when space becomes tight. I have also sown around 500 seeds, all harvested from my own plants.

I collect rainwater and have at any one time 500 litres to hand, which soon runs out in hot weather. I then use reverse osmosis water (available from aquatic centres) and the plants seem to thrive on it.

This website is an ongoing project, and will be updated with photos and information as and when time allows. Have a look around and please feel free to leave me feedback via my "Contact Me" page.




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